Gearing up for NanoWrimo?

Gearing up for NanoWrimo?

50,000 Words in 30 days

It's that time of year again when hundreds, if not thousands, of writers start gearing up for NanoWrimo. For those of you out of the loop, it's a month long write-a-thon where people try to write an entire novel in one month.

It's not meant to be a finished product by any means, but at least you'll have something complete that you can go from. One of the hardest parts about writing is actually finishing something. Too many times we start something only to have it sit for weeks, months or even years in our hard drive while we go on with life.

That's a lot of missed opportunities and potential modern classics that are never written. NanoWrimo was created to get people past this obstacle. It's more than just a project, it's a community. You're there to encourage other people and they're there to encourage you. They have regular online and offline meet-ups where budding authors can sit and talk about their work and life.

The key is to commit to writing everyday. There are thousands of people that try this every year and only a very small fraction actually do it. Some go strong for a few weeks and others crap out after the first day, but for those precious few that commit, they end up with something we all are searching for...a finished product.

So start a pot of coffee and head on over to and get ready to make history. You may not finish, but at least you would have tried and that's better than nothing.