I nearly didn't do it

I nearly didn't do it

Submitting a contest entry

When I originally wrote the story, it wasn't for anything in particular. I admit that contests and anthology descriptions help direct my muse when it comes to my writing. I don't usually just come up with stories and go with them.

My most recent story just came to me and I wrote it up, thinking that I would just try and sell it to a magazine or something. It was while I was around my second or third draft of editing that I came across a contest that I had never entered before.

The deadlines was coming up on October 31 and it was a general horror contest with no special instruction. It had an entry fee and I had to cut my words down by a few hundred to make it fit the word count limit, but I did it and now I anxiously await the end of the year when the winners are announced. Will I win? I doubt it, but at least I tried.

The funny thing is I almost shrugged it off. The 31st was here and there was only a few hours left and I almost didn't do it. I was a little on the fearful side and I was disappointed that another anthology I was wanting to get into was going to pass without me having my story done in time.

I mustered up my courage and took the plunge. It wasn't easy, but as I spent that $20 entry fee and put my story on the roster of entries, I felt a sense of accomplishment. Who knows, I just might win. You never know.