Lamenting Time Lost

Lamenting Time Lost

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

I've been a writer since I was a little girl. I remember as a child creating “books” that I would read to my parents and they would laugh and play along. As I grew up, my writing improved and I even won a writing contest in high school.


I went to school to be a teacher, but that didn't work out. I wanted to be a writer, but everyone told me that I needed to get a real job and not to focus on this writing daydream. So that was I did for 10 years. I focused my life on my work and nothing else.


Eventually, I got married and had a few kids and my priorities changed. They were my life now and work seemed less important. I quit my job and started my life as a stay-at-home mom. It was until recently that I decided to get back into writing and it depresses me to think that I have wasted so time on working instead of writing.


I've started being a full-time writer now as well as a stay-at-home mom. I sit and write what I can between breaking up the fights of my boys. As a career, it is rewarding and the potential income boost from being published is an an extra perk.


I do everything from fiction writing to article writing for many websites. I love being a freelance writer, but I am lamenting all the time I wasted working. Working is important, but I et it interrupt my muse.