National novel writing FAIL

National novel writing FAIL

How I'm doing (or not doing) at NaNoWriMo

I love NaNoWriMo.  I participate every year, and this past summer I even participated in the summer camp.  I've even won a few times -- November 2006, the first year I participated, last year (2011), and again in August of this year (2012).

Unfortunately, loving NaNoWriMo doesn't always mean I'm a winner.

I've failed to reach 50k more times than I've succeeded, and right now I'm at a point where if I don't really buckle down and work, the same will happen this year as well.  Halfway into the month, I have a not-so-stellar 8,000 words, when I'm supposed to be at 25,000 -- halfway through the 50k.

Don't get me wrong, I have every intention of finishing this novel.  I love my novel.  I just haven't been able to get moving on it this month.

Part of it is that I've been reading a lot.  With several books due back to the library soon, I felt some pressure to read instead of write.  Not to mention more than one of those books were really, really hard to put down until I was finished.

Another part of it is that I keep getting distracted by research.  For instance, last night and this morning I was searching on eBay for 1920s postcards of Chicago and places around Chicago where my novel takes place.  And we all know how addicting shopping on eBay can be!  There were pages and pages of search results... and then I had to modify my search terms and try again... which meant pages and pages more.

And then, of course, there has been my other work.  As a working freelance writer, I can't ignore my other writing work in favor of NaNoWriMo.  In addition, I have part time work -- I work as a nanny, plus I babysit for two other families and run errands for a fourth -- that has kept me busier than I would like lately.  It's good money, but it also means time away from my novel.

I still have hope at this point of catching up, but I either need to pound out massive word counts a few days, or get around 2,500 words a day for the rest of the month.  Can I do it?  I don't know, but I'm sure going to try!

What about you?  If you are doing NaNoWriMo, how are you faring?