Perils of self publishing

Perils of self publishing

Always get an editor

One of my duties as a writer is occasionally receiving books from others writers to review. Many times it's from Bram Stoker Award hopefuls, but occasionally I get some random writer out of the blue. I've been a writer for over a decade now and the one thing that is never negotiable is that before you submit your work to a publisher, agent or anyone, you must proofread it.

If it's a book that you want to have published, then you should have a professional editor look at it. Self publishing houses such as Trafford have editors on staff, but authors only have the option of using them for an extra fee.

If you don't choose to use them, then these companies will publish them as is. So here I was with a zombie book from a self published author that was s filled with grammar errors, cliches and plot holes that reading through it was like wading though a pool filled with molasses.

The sad part is that this person put a lot of effort into their book. It's isn't easy to put your thoughts together and get your 50,000 words into it. You can tell in her foreword that this book was a dream of hers that was finally fulfilled. Too bad it was total crap.

If she would have simply taken the time to hire an editor, then they could have pointed out all the mistakes and she could have crafted a book that actually might have made her money. At the very least, it would have been readable and not a giant pile of steaming doodoo.

Moral of the story: Get an editor!