Take a break from writing for Thanksgiving?

Take a break from writing for Thanksgiving?

Determine what your priorities are.

One of the hardest decision that I have as both a father and a husband is when should I take a day off from writing. I have a regular day job and holidays such as Thanksgiving are some of the few times I get to be at home and not at work 24 hours of the day.

Part of me wants to sit down and finally get that six-hour writing block that I have been dreaming of and the other part wants me to put the computer away and play with my children and snuggle up with my wife for some good movies. 

For me, my family has and always will be my priority. They're the ones I am writing for anyway. My wife is the one that has encouraged me to develop my writing talents and when I feel down, then she always picks me up.

I wouldn't be this person if I didn't have a family. They have made me want to strive to beyond what my education and background says I can be. Will I cut out writing completely this four-day holiday weekend? Probably not.

I still have the itch and I have to scratch it, but it will most likely be an hour or two here and there and they'll be constant interruptions from children wanting to play and a wife looking to snuggle. I don't know about you, but it sure sounds like the perfect holiday staycation to me. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!