The Happiness Project Journal

The Happiness Project Journal

I didn't buy it. Will you?

I just looked at a journal on the book shelf written by Gretchen Rubin, who is the woman who wrote “The Happiness Project.” The idea of the journal was good. The journal writer was supposed to write one sentence each and every day in response to a quote for a period of five years. 

I opened up the book and saw a quote that made me angry, so I put the journal down. I can’t remember the specific quote, but it was obviously by someone who had never been happy in their entire lives. Did I really want to use my hard-earned purchasing power to support a woman who wrote a journal using others’ quotations to make herself happy financially? 


Nope, I decided that I did not. Instead, I picked up a journal with lined pages and just as much space where I could choose what and when to write. I already have a book of quotations, so I can actually use quotes that I find inspiring instead of the quotes chosen by the writer (or editor) of “The Happiness Project.” Even though the journal idea was really good, it wasn’t worth $15. 

The other problem with “The Happiness Project Journal” is that the journal doesn’t leave very much room for each individual sentence. It’s almost as if the writer was trying to prepare the journal writers for a six-word sentence contest or something because there really wasn’t very much room at all. Since I tend to be a little wordy in my own journals, this also put “The Happiness Journal” effectively on my “do not buy” list. 


Another problem I have with the writer of “The Happiness Project” is it sounds like she was just a stereotypical Type A bitch who was trying to pretend to be more fun than she actually was. Most of the people I know these days that need something like “The Happiness Project” are struggling with more serious issues like divorce, health, or economic frustrations and not the fact that they are not as much fun as other people are. The author’s bio pretty much stated that she was not dealing with any of the above. 


That said, the concept of “The Happiness Project” one-sentence journal is a lot stronger than a lot of the journals out there and wasn’t endorsed by Billy Graham or any other churches out there.