Riding the inspiration train

Riding the inspiration train

Don't let ideas go to waste.

Recently, I have began writing stories anew after a long hiatus. I openly admit that my own fear and doubt kept me from riding that initial train of inspiration, but now that I bought some tickets and have a window seat, I don't plan on getting off this train any time soon.

I have written and polished one short story and am beginning on my second. I'm looking for places to submit for publication and am looking forward to getting back into the game. When the muse hits, you shouldn't sit on your hands.

A writer's mind isn't like most other people. We think and dream of things that other people can't even comprehend. The monsters, spies and lovers that exist in our head are so alive that we have no choice but to put them to paper. Too many people choose to ignore this and when great story ideas pop into your head, forget about them.

Your journal or notebook is the lifeline for your inspiration. It may have just been a random thought while walking down the street or a certain aspect of scenery that would look great in a story that you haven't even written yet. The great writer Clive Barker once said that there have been hundreds if not thousands of ideas for stories that flittered out of his brain before he had the chance to write them down.

Every idea is a potential masterpiece. We all dream of writing that one story that resonates with the public and becomes the next Harry Potter, but that will never happen unless you grab on to the inspiration train and ride it to the end of the tracks.